Here are some measures our experts implement to improve the cognitive abilities in people of advanced age.

It’s not just the physical abilities that deteriorate with age; losing cognitive abilities as we age is a natural process that can be pretty challenging. The diminishing cognitive abilities can lead to a feeling of isolation and depression in older adults. The Hampton Manor of Clinton Assisted Living and Memory Care, a facility dedicated to older adults, makes a conscious effort in ensuring that your loved ones hold on to their memory. In addition to providing a safe refuge in old age, we ensure that your senior family members don’t feel lonely at any time. Our experts use cognitively simulating tasks to keep your loved ones contented and attentive. Here are some tips we suggest to readers taking care of older adults.

 1. Leisure Activities and Brain Training Games  

The brain is a very resilient organ. With proper stimulation and training, it can hold on to its abilities well into old age. Engaging in board games or drawing helps stimulate cognitive functions like memory recall and problem-solving skills. Activities such as chess and gardening are constructive for seniors. Engaging in these activities regularly can help delay cognitive decline and memory loss associated with old age.

2. Physical Exercise and Activity 

Inactivity can lead to a host of physical ailments that are particularly dangerous for older adults. These include diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Encouraging regular exercise helps improve balance and coordination while strengthening muscles in crucial areas such as the arms, legs, and back. This ensures greater stability when walking or climbing stairs. It is recommended to include seniors in daily housework, so they have the chance to regularly move around their homes instead of being confined to one space all day long. Exercise has been found effective at reducing feelings of depression in old age by releasing endorphins which relieve stress and boost the mood.

 3. Maintaining a Nutritious Diet 

A healthy lifestyle includes a nutritious diet. A balanced, nutritious diet is necessary for seniors to maintain their bodies and minds in top shape while preventing chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, etc.

Studies have shown that a diet consisting of essential vitamins helps retain the cognitive abilities in older adults. A diet rich in carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables can improve memory while restricting the consumption of fatty foods helps to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Seniors should also stay hydrated at all times for better cognitive function. Drinking water regularly keeps the brain healthy by regulating its temperature. It also aids metabolism within the body, which is essential for performing daily tasks.

A healthy environment with spacious outdoors and fun activities can be excellent for older adults. The Hampton Manor of Clinton Assisted Living and Memory Care offers special treatments for senior patients by engaging them in specially designed activities throughout the day. Schedule a tour of our facility in Clinton Township, MI, today!

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